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When “Big Data” gets it wrong

January 4, 2017

Big Data could provide a big advantage to investors, but when the data is wrong or misinterpreted, it can be catastrophic.

“Credit card data sold to investors is making shares of retailers behave strangely, especially when the data gets things wrong.”  So begins an article in the Wall Street Journal ‘Big Data Adds Up to Trading Distortions.’  The first example is about Tailored Brands (owner of Men’s Warehouse and Joseph A. Bank) stock that shot up nearly 40% in one day when investors realized that the data they were basing their decisions on was inaccurate.

For the full article:  how-credit-card-data-might-be-distorting-retail-stocks-wsj


Amalie (Emmie) Noether — Mathematician

March 27, 2012

Amalie Noether

Amalie (also known as Emmie) was one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, and was highly regarded by Einstein who helped her emigrate to America.  She died at a young age but was very prolific and did a lot of work in abstract algebra and ring theory.  She was a Math Professor at Bryn Mawr College until she died at 53 years old.