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Movie Geometry – shaping the way you feel

November 1, 2016

Movie directors use shapes as well as color, lighting and sound to create moods and tell stories.  Triangles, circles, and squares are loaded with feelings.  This short YouTube video (4 min.) describes some of the common uses of shapes to communicate with the audience beyond the conscious into the unconscious.

Once you are made aware, you will notice the use of shapes in movies to convey more than words can say.


Single Point Perspective Photo– Congressional Office Building

August 4, 2016

Congressional Office Building

This picture was taken in a hall of the Cannon House Office Building where Representatives in Congress have their offices.  The building was completed in 1908.

It is a good example of single point perspective, also known as one point perspective.  For more on this subject, which overlaps math and art, go to:

One Point Perspective Drawing: The Ultimate Guide

Math in Nature

April 14, 2016

Fibonacci numbers in nature, beauty in nature, and beauty in Fibonacci numbers.

math art

Math In Art, Parallel in 3 Dimensions

October 27, 2015

This photo shows parallel pipes, not in a plane.

parallel in 3D picture

Optical illusion, mathematical art,

May 19, 2015

mathematical art DCCC May 2015

Math meets art in many unexpected ways.  This is 2 dimensional print, that really feels 3-D.  It is artistic and mathematical at the same time.

Mathematical Art (Photography)

November 11, 2014

I took the photo below with an iPad using “Photo Booth” Kaleidoscope option.


Mobius Strip in Stone, a photo

May 26, 2013

Mobius in stone

Apollonian Circles

July 29, 2012

Apollonian circles are two families of circles such that every circle in the first family intersects every circle in the second family orthogonally, and vice versa. These circles form the basis for bipolar coordinates. They were discovered by Apollonius of Perga, a renowned Greek geometer. (This from Wikipedia)

The Desmos On Line Calculator — Free

June 13, 2012

If you check the home page of Desmos you will be amazed by the artwork that they are highlighting, made with their calculator.  It is on-line and it is free.  I am impressed both by the beauty and creativity of the artwork, and the fact that it was made mathematically.

June 8, 2012

Math meeting art is always an interesting topic. Let creativity reign!


UPDATE – I recently posted more info about this project, with a rubric and more examples, at this post.

One of my favorite math projects takes place during our unit on conic sections in Algebra II.  In the project, students are challenged to manipulate equations of conics and graph them using software to make pictures.  I started with this project 12 years ago when a colleague, who has since retired, introduced me to his ideas.  Back then, we used a DOS program which could only graph in black, cyan and magenta.  We were happy if we saw a tree made from a hyperbola and a parabola leaf line.

The project grew new wings with a program called Math Toolkit, which allowed for finer graphing and the ability to save work.  Later, we started using Print Screen to grab the graphs and move them into MS Paint.  The projects grew…

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