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Making Box Plots on Ti-84

August 15, 2017

Quick graphs on the Ti-84 is a good way to  see how data is distributed.  The attached document gives step by step instructions along with an example to practice.

Making a Box Plot on the TI 84


The Institute for Figuring

March 10, 2013

So you think you know what math is all about?  Well, maybe you do and maybe you don’t.  What about the development of mathematical concepts  in physical models.

Take a look at the website for the Institute for Figuring.

According to the organization’s website, the Institute For Figuring is “dedicated to enhancing the public understanding of figures and figuring techniques. From the physics of snowflakes and the hyperbolic geometry of sea slugs, to the mathematics of paper folding and graphical models of the human mind, the Institute takes as its purview a complex ecology of figuring.”