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VC Firms Use Big Data to Seek Out the Next Big Thing

April 25, 2017

Venture Capital firms, that is, firms that invest in funding start-ups, early stage  companies, and companies with good growth potential, are always on the hunt for the next great opportunity.  The article below talks about the trend away from people who are expert in spotting such opportunities, and towards computer based analytics which is believed to be faster and better at finding the “next big thing.”

Venture-Capital Firms Use Big Data to Seek Out the Next Big Thing – WSJ



Getting an Edge on the other Guy

November 21, 2014

Making money is often about getting the news first, and getting news no one else has.  A new start up company is specializing in mining obscure data in the most novel ways.  How about analyzing shadows from satellite photos to get data on the progress of Chinese constructions projects as an economic predictor?

A new startup  is seeking to turn this kind of data into a money making edge for investors who will have to pay for the service.  Analyzing satellite images of 30 Chinese cities can sometimes, it is hoped, will be more valuable than official governmental pronouncements.

Similarly, photos of fields can provide an insight into the future harvest expectations and futures markets.  The company called Orbital is being headed by James Crawford, an engineer, who made a name for himself at Google being in charge of the huge project to digitize books and make them searchable.

For the full article see my tweet  @JackSiderer, and see a related article on this blog on “Dataminr.”