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How to clear iPhone browsing data history

July 12, 2017

Clearing browsing history can help your smart phone run at optimal speeds.  Learn how to do it.

This  article talks about how to make sure your iPhone runs as efficiently as possible and discusses options for the changing screen and the battery, in addition to taking it to the Apple Store.

Keep Your iPhone Alive Until the New Ones Arrive – WSJ


Retrieving a voicemail message from another phone

January 12, 2016
This works for Verizon wireless phones, and maybe others too.

An associate recently had a problem with her smart phone that stopped working as a phone, but continued working in all other ways.  A search on the web for how to retrieve her voice messages from her phone from another line proved fruitless.  So here it is.

The way to do that is to dial your own number from any phone and hit # during the outgoing message.  You will then be prompted to put in the pin, and then you are in.  You will have complete access.

And that is why it is very important to have a strong pin, at least not an obvious one.

I would appreciate feedback from readers regarding systems other than Verizon, and systems outside of the U.S.  Updates to foll