The Ten Commandments of Math

The Ten Commandments of Math

 1. You shall read your problems.

2. Whatever you do to one side of your equation, Do also to the other side.

3. You must use your “Common Sense”, or else you will have flagpoles 9,000 feet in height, and … even fathers younger than their sons.

4. You shall ignore the teachings of false prophets to do work in your head.

5. When you do not know something, you shall look it up, and if your search is not successful, Then you shall ask the all-knowing teacher.

6. You shall master each step before putting your heavy foot down on the next.

7. Your correct answer does not prove that you have worked your problem correctly. This argument will convince no one, least of all, your teacher.

8. You shall first see that you have copied your problem correctly before bearing false witness that the answer book lies.

9. You shall look back even to your youth and remember your arithmetic.

10. You shall learn, speak, write, and listen correctly in the language of mathematics, and surely A’s and B’s shall follow you even to graduation.


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