Add a keyboard to you iPad for less than $10

One of the more common complaints among iPad users is that the keyboard is awkward to use. Apple offers a wireless keyboard solution at the prohibitive price of about $70 plus shipping but you can actually create your own simple iPad keyboard for less than $10.

You need two simple components:

  • A USB camera connection kit (see left). This is normally used for connecting digital cameras to your iPad. You can find them on eBay for around $3.
  • A USB keyboard. You may already have a spare sitting around gathering dust but if not, you can buy one at for about $6.

The process is very easy. Connect the adapter to your keyboard and plug it into the iPad. It works like a charm. We recently had to give final exams at a high school and used this setup for students. After the initial shock of seeing iPads instead of laptops laid out for them they ended up using them very comfortably – and of course we didn’t have to worry about power cords or battery life!

Ironically, PC keyboards worked well and the only problem we encountered was in trying to connect some Apple keyboards. They didn’t work …

PS  Please let me know if this works or does not work for you.  I have not tried it, but want to share anyway. Your feedback is valuable.  JS


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