The Honors Algebra II Final

Honors Algebra II

Final Exam Areas of Emphasis

Final Exam Instructions

The Final

  • The final will only count for one test.
  • There will be a mix of problems, word problems and short answers.
  • Approximately 2/3 of the test will be from the second half of the year with extra emphasis on the material from the end of the year which was not yet tested.
  • Calculators may be used but not shared.  If there is a chance that your batteries could fail, bring extra batteries.   If there is a chance that you might drop and break your calculator, bring a spare.  There will be no teachers’ calculators lent.
  • Bring sharp pencils, eraser, and ruler. Yes ruler.  Straight lines made with student IDs, credit cards and free hand lines will result in deductions.  You will have to draw graphs.  Graph paper will be provided.
  • You need to know the math vocabulary that we used.  Looking through the book’s Glossary would be a good thing to do.

Test Instructions (provided here for your mental preparedness)

  • Calculators can be used but not shared.
  • Work done in the calculator without showing the underlying relationships on paper will not get any credit.
  • Each mathematical equation must follow logically from the previous.  Equations must be written out in full using equal signs when called for (need I say that?)  “Back of envelop” type calculations will receive no credit.
  • Answers must be labeled.
  • If multiple solutions are shown, the more incorrect will be graded.
  • Work that is crossed out will not be examined.
  • Use pencil and erase neatly if necessary.  Using pen or pencil and overwriting will result in deductions.
  • Your work must be easily readable.  Decimal points should be clearly visible as well.
  • You need to be expert in the use of your calculator.  No help will be provided.


Disclaimer:  Below is a partial list of some of the most important things we learned this year for emphasis.  It is not an exhaustive list of what will be tested.

Order of Operations (mistakes here are inconceivable)

Laws of algebra (mistakes here are inconceivable)

Chapter One in its entirety

Properties of Equality (p. 14)  Page 15 in its entirety.

Box pg. 34 Sum of real nos. in numerator, single real number in denominator.

Section 1-7 pg. 37

Section 1-8 pg. 43

Chapter 2 but not proofs as mentioned in section 2-6

Not testing section 2-7

Chapter 3  All, but not testing discrete functions.

Chapter 4 All

Chapter 5  except 5-3(scientific notation)

Chapter 6 All

Chapter 7 All

Chapter 8   Not testing 8-5 to 8-9

Chapter 9  Please use the study guides I prepared for this chapter.  Test will include one problem on system of three unknowns and three equations.

Chapter 10  All

Chapter 11 not testing

Chapter 12  up to page 596

Not testing converting decimal degrees to degree-min.- sec. or vice versa.  For emphasis let me state that you must know values of the six trig functions for the special angles (pg. 558).  We will not test much using cot x, sec x, or csc x, but you must know their definitions (pg. 556).

Rules of matrices that we learned.

Matrix addition, subtraction, multiplication.  Corresponding elements equal.


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