For H. Alg. 2 students only….

So what did YOU learn in math this week.  Please respond to this blog.  Remember, unless you request otherwise, your responses will become public.  Three typed lines of response could be a minimum answer.  Make it interesting.  Try not to just parrot the book; that’s dull reading for the rest of us.  You can comment on other people’s comments too.  I will not be editing your comments for the most part, but we will discuss them in class. 

Dalia writes:

 This past week I learned what a bimodal curve is. A mode is the value that occurs most frequently in a set of observations. So when you are graphing data, let’s say a class’s test scores, and there were no answers even close to the average, then there are two modes. When you graph this there would be two peaks because people either got really high test results or really low ones.


7 Responses to “For H. Alg. 2 students only….”

  1. Alyssa Gabay Says:


    This week in math one thing i learned about was a locus points are. Its a set of points that satisfy a certain criteria. I also learned from a math fun facts website a little about the fundamental group in the field of topography. One way to learn about surface, is to study it through the sets of loops in a surface. This is the fundamental group . You can tell two surfaces are not equal if they do not have the same fundemental group (Su, Francis E., et al. “Fundamental Group.” Math Fun Facts. ) They also had abother interesting artcile called “the mug trick” I thought you may be interested in “the mug trick” thats why i gave you the website.

  2. rebecca Says:

    i found a realy cool math problem in the curious incedent book we read in english that i thought was realy inrteresting. so it went something like this: if ur on a game show and infront of u are three closed door behind 1 is a car and behind the other 2 r goats. the show host asks u to pick a door and u pick 1. he then opens another door with a goat in it he then asks u if u want to switch doors before he opens all of them and u see what u get. should u switch doors? most ppl would say no because u have a 50 50 chance but the real answer is that you should because you will have a better chance of winning. and there is a chart i could draw to show u why this answer is right but i cant draw it on this blog

  3. atara Says:

    i think the best thing i learned though it wasnt this week was the breakeven point because theres a song breakeven and i dont know whether the artist knew that or not but i still think its pretty cool.
    and i also learned that though there is no nobel prize in math, there is an IG nobel prize in math. the ig is something that makes you laugh then think apparently (i coppied that definition).
    my favorite math award was:
    The Southern Baptist Church of Alabama, mathematical measurers of
    morality, for their county-by-county estimate of how many Alabama
    citizens will go to Hell if they don’t repent.

  4. Dalia Kirzner Says:

    So this past week I learned many new things in math, but now I’m writing to learn at least one new thing. Since eigth grade I’ve learned y=mx+b and what’s called the standard form for graphing points. Today in math, my wonderful, smart, leniant teacher told us that we did not need to know th standard form, because y=mx+b really is a standard form too. So what I want to know is, in officiall mathamatics, like in the sats do you need to know standard form, and do they consider this “THE” standard form as opposed to y=mx+b.

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