Google’s Banner today 3/14

Pi Day

Wondering why Google’s masthead is so mathematical?  Today is Pi Day.  Every March 14th math nerds around the world note that today, 3/14, is a lot like 3.14 so that enough is cause to celebrate. 

If you want to make yourself a pie you should not have trouble googling a pie recipe and making one.   Just think of it as a chemistry experiment with Mr. Brooks exhorting you to just follow the directions and measure out everthing carefully.

Today is also Einstein’s birthday.  He would have been 131 today.  So have a piece of pie in his honor too.


One Response to “Google’s Banner today 3/14”

  1. Matti Says:

    Pi day is not just for nerds. It is my favorite day of the year….oh wait does this make me a nerd?

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