Applying Technology for Helping the Elderly – iPads and Robots

May 29, 2018

iPads and robots are  being used to help the elderly manage everything from chronic medical conditions to loneliness.  The link below is to a Wall Street Journal article dated May 29, 2018 which discusses some of these issues.

For the Elderly Who Are Lonely, Robots Offer Companionship – WSJ


Computers help fight malaria

April 25, 2018

Health officials use geospatial mapping to track malaria’s spread, the then use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the data and to deploy resources in the most efficient way possible.

For the full article in the April 25, 2018 Wall Street Journal, click here:

How Long Till the Final World Malaria Day? – WSJ

Computers Scan Restaurant Reviews for Clues of Unhealthy Food

April 23, 2018

If someone gets sick after eating suspected food at a restaurant, it is more likely that they will post it on social media, than report it to the local Health Department.  Computers developed at Columbia University scan restaurant reviews for words that might indicate a problem with spoiled food.  After finding multiple reports online, Health Department inspectors can be sent to investigate.

“Tainted food and drink sicken some 48 million people in the United States each year. That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly seven in every 10 of those incidents came after dining in restaurants.”

For full article, click:



Paper Review: Linguistic Features to Identify Alzheimer’s Disease — Lucky’s Notes

October 26, 2017

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can be key tools in the future, to do identify people with early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, and to perhaps start treatment early.  Common patterns of speech, can be identified for people affected by the disease when responding to a controlled group of questions using audio analysis.  This could be the start of something very significant in diagnosing Alzheimer’s in a cost effective manner.

Today I’m going to be sharing a paper I’ve been looking at, related to my research: “Linguistic Features Identify Alzheimer’s Disease in Narrative Speech” by Katie Fraser, Jed Meltzer, and my adviser Frank Rudzicz. The paper was published in 2016 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. It uses NLP to automatically diagnose patients with Alzheimer’s […]

via Paper Review: Linguistic Features to Identify Alzheimer’s Disease — Lucky’s Notes

Steel Replaces Some Aluminium in Cars

October 16, 2017

After seeing aluminium in more and more cars in greater amounts, automobile manufacturers are swinging back to new lighter and stronger steel to replace the more expensive aluminium.  Fuel economy and lightness of the vehicles is still driving the innovations, but manufacturers have figured out how to use thinner steel while still maintaining its strength.

For the full article from the Wall Street Journal click below.

Steel Is Back in Style With Car Makers – WSJ

Bamboo bicycle – beautiful and functional

September 3, 2017

Imagine a handmade quality bicycle made with a bamboo frame.  The picture below shows a 2-speed cruiser, using a British step-back hub.  Each bamboo joint is glued and wrapped with 100 wraps of polycarbonate fiber reinforced tape.  Shown in the picture is Richard Harkness who made this bike with his own hands under the mentorship of someone who had made about 100 of these amazing bikes.  Notice the bamboo basket and the bamboo bike stand in the foreground.  The green rims complement the green bamboo beautifully.

Don’t try making this bike without a proper jig and under expert supervision; it is not an easy construction.  And by the way, it is not a cheap alternative to a standard bicycle, but it is unique and it is a conversation piece.  It is a work of art.

Bamboo Bike


Making Box Plots on Ti-84

August 15, 2017

Quick graphs on the Ti-84 is a good way to  see how data is distributed.  The attached document gives step by step instructions along with an example to practice.

Making a Box Plot on the TI 84

Hear Podcasts at Higher Speeds (3x?)

July 14, 2017

One way to increase you productivity, is to listen to podcasts at accelerated speeds.  A number of apps allow you the hear lectures and books at faster speeds enabling you to hear and process more information is less time, and increasing comprehension.  For full article, click below.

How Do Podcast Nuts Find the Time? They Listen at Chipmunk Speed – WSJ

Maybe It’s Okay to Eat Before Surgery

July 13, 2017

Not eating before surgery was long considered one of those “absolute” rules that was not debatable.  Now comes an article that tells us that in Europe carbohydrate-rich drinks before surgery are not only allowed, they lead to improved outcomes!  Who knew?  Less risk of infection and faster recovery are two positives, along with resultant cost savings.  Click below for full article.

Don_t Hold Fast to This Surgical Rule – WSJ

How to clear iPhone browsing data history

July 12, 2017

Clearing browsing history can help your smart phone run at optimal speeds.  Learn how to do it.

This  article talks about how to make sure your iPhone runs as efficiently as possible and discusses options for the changing screen and the battery, in addition to taking it to the Apple Store.

Keep Your iPhone Alive Until the New Ones Arrive – WSJ